Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit, 20. 4. 2023, WPP Campus, Prague

Conferences, seminars and other sustainability events have sprung up like mushrooms recently, which is definitely a good thing for the planet itself and for efforts to promote sustainability in local markets. However, at ATOZ Group (a leading provider of B2B information and organizer of professional events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), we believe there is room for at least one more.

The Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit will offer several key things to the market:

  • a strong focus on practical sustainability – no greenwashing, no empty talk
  • broad scope: manufacturing, construction, retail, pharma, packaging, supply chain, logistics and transport
  • collaboration with top sustainability experts
  • organizers with 30 years of experience in organizing professional events
  • extensive, year-round media coverage of the Summit
  • space for discussion, exchange of information and ideas and networking
  • complete coverage of the Czech and Slovak markets

How can you get involved in the Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit?

  • Become a summit partner and let everyone know you support sustainability
  • Present your sustainable solutions during the Sustainability in Practice conference program
  • Apply for the “Sustainable Project of the Year” award
  • Meet people who might be interested in your project
  • Attend this unique event and expand your knowledge and understanding of sustainability

Take part the first summit of sustainability managers!


Confirmed speakers of the first edition

Expert Guarantor

Thanks to the partners of the first Sustainability Summit
WPP Campus, Bubenská 1, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice