Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit, 20. 4. 2023, WPP Campus, Prague


An outline of the program of the first edition of the Sustainability Summit
20. 04. 2023
20. 04. 2023
8:00 – 9:00


9:00 ‒ 9:15

The opening of the summit, the opening speech of the organizers and the expert guarantor

9:15 – 12:30

Morning program

One-on-one discussion: Science and business – partners or adversaries in sustainability?

One of the primary goals of the Sustainability Summit is to create a platform for business and science to meet and discuss, thereby facilitating cooperation in the field of sustainability. For the opening presentation of the conference, we have invited one of the Czech Republic’s premier environmental scientists, prof. Tomáš Cajthaml of the Institute for Environmental Studies of Charles University’s Faculty of Science, and the technical director of one of the largest corporations, Ondřej Beneš from Veolia Czech Republic, to discuss cooperation between science and business. The topics they will touch on include:

  • Who is more out of touch with reality – scientists or business?
  • Is there mutual understanding or rather misunderstanding for the other side?
  • How to improve cooperation between academia and business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
  • Can business support the dismal financial conditions in universities?
  • What is the problem with communication between scientific workplaces and business practice?
  • How does sustainability collaboration differ from other areas of science and research? Is cooperation more important here than in other areas?
  • According to the discussion participants, which specific cooperation projects in the field of sustainability and beyond were of the greatest importance?

Don’t miss this inspiring discussion, which will be moderated by the expert guarantor of the summit, prof. Vladimír Kočí.

Tomáš Cajthaml, Faculty of Science, Charles University
Ondřej Beneš, Veolia Czech Republic
Vladimír Kočí, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Block of presentations on the topic of sustainability and business

Sustainability is not just a matter of finding a path to a greener or more socially just future. In fact, it is a much more complex phenomenon that is fully integrated into the business management processes. To help you find inspiration for driving your sustainability agenda, we’ve selected four hot topics for the morning’s Sustainability and Business block and asked four leading experts to share their insights and know-how.

And who will inspire you?

Detailed annotations coming soon.

Martin Ander, Modern Energy Union
Linda Zeilina, International Sustainable Finance Centre
David Janků, Frank Bold
Tereza Kubicová, CzechInvest

What is CSRD? And does it apply to you?

In his presentation, David Janků from the consultancy firm Frank Bold Advisory will guide you through the new regulation in the field of ESG reporting – the CSRD directive, the accompanying ESRS standards, the SFDR regulation and outline the further development of the emergence of sectoral standards for selected industries. These are currently being developed by EFRAG – an advisory body of the European Commission, in which Frank Bold is represented. Starting in 2026, all companies with more than 250 employees, turnover over CZK 1 billion or assets over CZK 500 million will have to publicly inform about their approach to ESG topics and related data. And by 2025, companies that were obliged to provide non-financial information according to the older NFRD directive will have to report. Find out what information you will need to report, when to collect data, and what direction ESG will take next.

David Janků, Frank Bold

Is it possible to cooperate with the state on innovation? In a meaningful way?

How to set up meaningful cooperation between the public sphere, the private sector, the scientific and research community and the start-up environment? Does it make sense to build a wider community from start-ups, through small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational organizations? Tereza Kubicová will try to answer these questions and present the possibilities of cooperation.

Tereza Kubicová, CzechInvest
10:45 – 11:15

Coffee break and commented exhibition of posters

Winning With Sustainability in Times of Multiple Crises

As an introduction to the panel discussion with CEOs from a variety of industries, one of Europe’s leading sustainability experts will share his expertise and experience in using sustainability to drive innovation in times of crisis. Conference participants can look forward to hearing about best practices in the setting of strategic priorities related to sustainability and at the same time possible ways of finding a compromise between sustainable direction and other company goals, such as profitability and growth. The presentation will further touch on the topic of compliance with current ESG regulations, and it will also be enriched with specific examples from consulting practice across industries.

Peter Sattler, Horváth & Partners

Panel discussion: The CEO’s role in a company’s sustainable strategy

CEOs play a critical role in transforming their companies towards sustainability. The panel discussion will debate sustainability proposals that directors consider and discuss within boards of directors to establish sustainable business strategies. The panelists will share various insights and actions they are considering as CEOs in response to environmental and social issues. We will learn what knowledge and skills directors need to implement and promote ESG and sustainability in their companies.

  • How to balance sustainability strategy with other targets of the company, above all financial?
  • How to expand the understanding of sustainability within the company and vis-à-vis the market from beyond simply the ecological context into other areas such as social?
  • What is the proper structure of personnel to ensure that sustainability strategies are implemented throughout the company in the most effective way?
  • How to build sustainability management practices into your organization?
  • What tips do the panelists have for other CEOs looking to strengthen their roles in advancing sustainability?
  • How can a CEO of a leading company advance sustainability not only for his or her company but for the industry of the company as a whole?

The partner of the panel discussion is Deloitte.


Jaroslava Rezlerová, ManpowerGroup
Katarína Navrátilová, Tesco Stores Czech Republic
Ivo Benda, Greiner Packaging Slušovice
Martin Baláž, Prologis
Alessandro Pasquale, Mattoni 1873
12:30 – 13:30

Lunch and commented exhibition of posters

13:30 – 18:00

Afternoon program

Sustainable “best practices” – case studies of projects that really work

In the afternoon you will hear the 12 best sustainable case studies as chosen by our scientific council. The selected projects will be revealed on March 20th, so stay tuned!​​​​​​​

15:00 – 15:30

Coffee break and commented exhibition of posters

Sustainable “best practices” – case studies of projects that really work

In the afternoon you will hear the 12 best sustainable case studies as chosen by our scientific council. The selected projects will be revealed on March 20th, so stay tuned!​​​​​​​

18:00 – 23:00

Evening program

Science Café

The Sustainability Summit will also include an expert lecture section focused on news, research and development in the area of sustainability, circular economy and raw material safety. The aim is to provide a space for sharing new information or research results that could inspire implementation in practice. The standard presentation time will be 15 minutes.