Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit, 25. 4. 2024, Cubex Centrum Prague

Afternoon workshops

25. 04. 2024
15:30 – 18:00

Afternoon workshops

New in the conference program of the second edition of the Sustainability Summit are afternoon workshops that will run parallel and focus on the following topics:

  • ESG reporting
  • Financing and incubation of sustainable business
  • Social aspects of sustainability
  • Decarbonization and environmental aspects of sustainability
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems

Summit participants can join the workshops in basically three ways:

  1. They can briefly (5–7 minutes) present their projects or experiences with sustainability, followed by a discussion (10–15 minutes).
  2. They can sit at the round table for the entire duration of the workshop and actively participate in the discussion, even if they do not present themselves.
  3. They “sit on the sidelines”, listen to the debate and are so-called “free agents” who move from one workshop to another according to their mood and interest.