Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit, 25. 4. 2024, Cubex Centrum Prague

Panel discussion: The CEO’s role in a company’s sustainable strategy

Panel discussion: The CEO’s role in a company’s sustainable strategy

CEOs play a critical role in transforming their companies towards sustainability. The panel discussion will debate sustainability proposals that directors consider and discuss within boards of directors to establish sustainable business strategies. The panelists will share various insights and actions they are considering as CEOs in response to environmental and social issues. We will learn what knowledge and skills directors need to implement and promote ESG and sustainability in their companies.

  • How to balance sustainability strategy with other targets of the company, above all financial?
  • How to expand the understanding of sustainability within the company and vis-à-vis the market from beyond simply the ecological context into other areas such as social?
  • What is the proper structure of personnel to ensure that sustainability strategies are implemented throughout the company in the most effective way?
  • How to build sustainability management practices into your organization?
  • What tips do the panelists have for other CEOs looking to strengthen their roles in advancing sustainability?
  • How can a CEO of a leading company advance sustainability not only for his or her company but for the industry of the company as a whole?

Moderator: Beata Hlavčáková, Deloitte Advisory

The partner of the panel discussion is Deloitte.