Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit, 10. 4. 2025, Cubex Centrum Praha

Case studies of projects that really work

25. 04. 2024
12:00 – 14:15
hall A1

Case studies of projects that really work

We cannot move toward a more sustainable future simply by talking about what we need to do and complaining about what is or isn’t being done. We must take concrete steps. Many companies and organizations are already taking steps that are truly making a difference. The primary goal of the Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit is to provide a platform to present successful projects so that other companies can be motivated to take similar steps. The best way is to share positive experiences.

In this block, you will hear the details of sustainable projects that have had proven positive results on the environment or society. In short, you will see sustainability in practice. Don’t worry about greenwashing. The presented projects are the top projects chosen by the Scientific Council of the summit, which demands that proof and concrete data are provided. These projects are the truly best sustainable projects implemented on the Czech and Slovak markets over the past year.

The ten sustainable projects selected by the Scientific Council and about which you will hear are: